I have been called “sensitive” my entire life but it was never meant as a compliment. In Carolyn’s class, it became very clear that there are many others like myself and I was relieved to know this is a personality trait, not a defect! Praise to Carolyn for raising the awareness about the Highly Sensitive Person and letting us know that we are not alone. —Kelli, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

In a very short period of time, Carolyn taught me an entirely new aspect of this trait – how a highly sensitive person is *different* in the working world – and broke this information down into workable parts. I came away with a better understanding of myself (relief!) and more able to help other highly sensitive people as well. Carolyn really knows her subject and demystifies (and destigmatizes) a way of being that is inherent to so many of us. —Kathleen, Dunedin, FL